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Ladies Team Tennis

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Published by Ros Poliakoff in National League · Saturday 20 May 2023
Tags: LadiesNationalLeagueTennisSinglesandDoubles
Another Great Win for the Ladies beating St Albans 5-1

Name of team/league;   Ladies Team Tennis  
Captains name;   Ros Poliakoff
Name of opposition;   St Albans
Score;  5-1 win
Date of match;   20-May

Overall comments
A great – long – match, finally with some sunshine!    All 3 matches in the first round were tight with Wendy winning her singles, Ros losing out on a 10-pt breaker and Claires C&S winning their doubles.  Claire C then had a quick win in the singles against a player who had originally only been up for playing doubles, and Claire S came through on a 10pter - at which point we were safe from a “shoot-out”, taking the pressure off the final doubles, though Wendy and Ros still battled through for a win.   Team: Wendy J, Ros, Claire C, Claire S.

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